Ellie’s Bakery Sweetens p2g!

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Ellie’s Bakery is the newest venue for p2g!

My husband, Michael, and I have been hanging out in Providence, RI quite a bit in the print shop of AS220 working on silk screening his design for USAT’s Rio 2016 Olympic team poster. We love Providence for its accessibility, architecture, the arts district, but mostly because of Ellie’s Bakery. We go every time we’re there which lately is twice wkly, and today it was twice daily. I worked on my poetry manuscript while sipping on an iced lavender matcha, eating a peach and pecan scone. Later, Michael and I went back for lunch for a chicken and bacon salad sandwich, and cinnamon roll for dessert. Michael loves cinnamon rolls and swears these are some of the best he’s ever had. The only others that come close are from Toddle Squat Bakery in Granville, OH.

Max, Ellie’s Bakery manager, is excited about the mission of p2g and is hoping to extend our poetry to their sister restaurant, Gracie’s, down the street. Thanks Max!

Poetry and cinnamon rolls! Doesn’t get much better than that.

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