Make It a Baker’s Dozen, and Take a Mary Jo Bang Poem To Go

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p2g can now be found at 13 venue sites.

The latest additions are Lesley University‘s libraries,  The Underground Cafe, in Dennis, MA, and The Camp House in Chattanooga, TN!

And the newest collection of Featured Poets, includes award-winning poet Mary Jo Bang.

Bang’s book, The Bride of E,  was instrumental in my understanding of making associations in poetry. Her eclectic assembly of words plays with obscurity to reveal our existential condition as associative beings, and challenges what we think we know versus what we don’t yet know. She believes, “obscuration in a poem can be a means of forcing the reader to read carefully, to become aware of the difficulty of reading poetry.”(1)  This awareness calls for our attention to read slowly, think consciously, to be alert, keen, and sensitive readers which ultimately carries over to our writing, and to our ability to think interconnectecdly, of what our place is in the collective whole.

Happy spring, and happy reading!


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