April is a Poet’s Month

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Happy many things…but mostly poetry month and pea shoots.

We have five new featured poets, including one Trinity College student, one who writes a “Prayer for Elvis,” and another who writes of saving “Every penny or two/for little hands wanting a purse full of treasures.” And there’s a poem about the mystery of an agave plant, and one that speaks,”Outside our dominion of parochial law/some say there are vineyards, some say war.”

Thanks to our readers Teresa Cader, Sharon Bryan, and julie ann otis who read at the Grolier Poetry Bookshop on April 15th. The varied styles of each poet made for interesting listening and conversation afterwards. One of the participants, a non-poet stated she loved observing the different possibilities poetry can express.

At time of submission, I ask poets to include why or how poetry matters. Here are a few responses:

“We can fool ourselves, but not the poem.”

“…because it still gives voice to the most elevated aspects of our being—the vatic, the prophetic, the naked truth always newly born and therefore full of catalytic potential.”

“I believe that it is only through the arts, poetry in particular that we are afforded an occasional glimpse into the otherwise incomprehensible.”

“Poetry speaks to that deep well of thought and feeling which springs from the human spirit.  Most of us who are caught up in the hurry scurry of life need a time and place to reflect.  Poetry provides this.  In this way we can communicate on a transformative level.  We can really talk with each other instead of at each other.  Through this dialogue, perhaps we will grow to understand the why when and wherefore of life.”

“Poetry is important because she has never found a better way to express herself and communicate the non-stop inner dialogue she lives with. And she can’t be the only one.”

“Poetry interprets and re-interprets the world again and again. It makes sense of what cannot be made sense of.”

“Poetry keeps me company beneath the surface of everyday life.”


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