Poems2go features award-winning poet Martín Espada

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P2g is thrilled to add to its list of contributors  Martín Espada. I had the pleasure of hearing him read at one of p2g’s hosting sites,The Grolier Poetry Bookshop, in early spring. His dynamic story-telling gave action to is latest collection of poems, Vivas to Those Who Have Failed.  Martín Espada has been called by the author, Sandra Cisneros,  “the Pablo Neruda of North American poets.”

We also have more poetry from three returning p2g contributors, Darren Demaree, Robbie Gamble, and Jen Karetnick, as well as first time contributor, and editor of another sweet, grass-roots poetry journal, Sugar House Review.

As poems2go continues into its second year, we hope to keep providing contemporary poetry from all levels, emerging to award-winning, for readers at all levels,non-poets and poets alike. Our mission is to add to the conversation in our everyday world.

Poets, keep those submissions coming, and readers, if you find a p2g poem you love, let us know.

Ike, a barista from Haute Coffee in Concord, MA has Jen Karetnick’s “To a Cappuccino” taped to his cappuccino machine.


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