What this country needs is more poetry

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And p2g’s mission is about that. If our politicians were well-versed in poetry, our country may not be in as much political strife as it is. Poetry is held in high regard in many countries, and poets often have held political positions, such as during the T’ang Dynasty, in China. In this collection, we’re reprinting a Chinese translation by Witter Bynner that comes from his translation of The Way of Life: According to Laotzu. Its first two lines read:

A leader is best
When people barely know that he exists 

Unfortunately we know, beyond what we should,  that our politicians exist. Media makes sure of it. Fortunately, we have many thoughtful writers/artists that can help us make sense of the chaos. This collection also includes award-winning poet Dean Rader’s “Self Portrait: A Prayer at 37” asking for nothing, yet still but the little boat/in my heart/ lifts its anchor/and sets out, Mani Iyer, a deaf-blind poet who shares his witty contemplation about being awaken, and two of Heather Seller’s poems, one that acknowledges, perhaps another appropriate message for this election night:

You’re dead, Rat! He isn’t facing
facts. A quality much admired in the dead.




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