A Special Call for Submissions

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In the aftermath of the 2016 American presidential election, we have seen reactions of shock, anger, confusion, fear, frustration, and most of all sadness. Policies aside, it is difficult to understand how the majority of our country can send a message to the world that we tolerate vitriol, abusive, and divisive language, by electing a leader that used this device as a means to rouse the people, and win. And even, as he begins to temper his position, saying he is “humbled by this great honor,” how do we speak to each other, teach our children that words do matter?

Poems2go is now making a call for submissions of human rights poetry. Send us poems that cope, poems that scream, poems that encourage, and poems that insist on existing, because we believe words do matter, and that poetry is one way to give voice, heal, and help make sense of what doesn’t.

We stand with People of Color.

We stand with the Muslim community.

We stand with the Indigenous community.

We stand with the Latinx community.

We stand with our LGBTQ community.

We stand with women.

We stand with humanity.

We emphatically deny all white supremacy movements, and we will continue to spread poetry through our communities in a bipartisan spirit of openness and affirmation.

Our January publication will be dedicated to this call.

With our heartfelt intentions,

Poems2go Editors

Christine Jones, Founder & Editor in Chief

Sarah Kirstine Lain, Assistant Editor

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