spread the love this valentine’s day…take a poem, give a poem

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Robbie Gamble encourages us to “remain in the light, though it may waver.”

p2g remains dedicated to publishing new and already published quality poetry to uplift and empower. This month features Joan Houlihan’s ethereal “As Home Grips,” a poem that will be included in her fifth, and forthcoming book Shadow-feast from Four Way Books in 2018.

We also have Barbara Rockman, a Santa Fe poet, who writes of the exquisiteness of a wasp’s nest, of how I could take weightlessness/in my hands and understand a swarm…

And we include two poems by Amanda Butler, who remembers a homeschool-winter day in “Science Class,” and in “The Wing Tattoo,” a dream of flying away/but I’m an imitation/of the flock of gulls that opens my eyes.

Happy Heart Day!

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