“Poetry is the consciousness which gives rise to voice.”-Carolyn Forche

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And the voice is certain in this month’s collection, featuring three gorgeously provocative poems by award-winning poet Elizabeth Metzger whose debut book The Spirit Papers was released at the beginning of the year.

You will feel the sparrow in the dark space of your throat, where your voice rises from, and you will see What light is to the eyeless.

Gather your thunders in my skirt, Metzger writes. I trust she will keep them safe.

Bonita Lee Penn shares her formidable voice as a black woman in “Rosary Prayers” showing us what ain’t pretty, what is in Black women’s hearts–

And I share my “Plea to an Oyster” believing it has all the answers my heart is wishing for.

Thank you for reading p2g. And look under the Where to Find p2g tab for your print copies.

Sarah and I wish for all your voices to be heard and overheard.





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