“Poetry matters in this fractured world.”-Marjorie Saiser

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For poetry month, p2g is featuring four stellar poets. We’ve published two poems from Marjorie Saiser who advises not try to solve everything in “Listen My Bearded One,” and in “Even the Alphabet,” she points out the power of silence through the silent letter k who, though it can speak,/ kneels before n and says nothing, nothing.

Boston’s poet laureate, Danielle Legros graces our project with her evocation of To free/ you would be to break you in her poem “Egg.” And Adrian Matejka writes his poem “So Far to Go” after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s drawing titled St. Joe Louis Surrounded By Snakes (1982). Boys will be boys, and talk will be talk but he knows every swing breaks something. Both Legros and Matejka have recently published books, The Dear Remoteness of You, and Map to the Stars, respectively.

Finally we have returning contributor, Simon Perchik, who knows how to move a poem, writing this hillside already has/your cheeks, is still expanding. 

While April is National Poetry Month, at p2g, every month is poetry month. Contribute a poem, read a poem, share a poem.

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