Poems2Go Evolution: The Monthly Goes Quarterly!

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This month is the two-year anniversary of Poems2go’s first publication! Founded in 2015 with the generous support of the Witter Bynner Foundation, we have watched this little publication grow exponentially, from one city to now nine states! We’re so grateful to hear from shop owners and baristas across the country, about how people are engaging with this project. Way back in graduate school (shout out Lesley University!), we would often talk about the ways we wished poetry was a more influential art in public culture, and it’s truly a gift to connect poetry with everyday spaces such as the cafes, bookstores, and libraries.

As we celebrate such joys, we are also balancing this growth with the need to prioritize our goals in becoming a first-class experimental poetry project. Some of these goals include increasing unsolicited, quality submissions and first-time publications by talented poets, as well as targeting our online market. In order to focus on these goals, Poems2go is making a strategic move from monthly publication to quarterly publication. This transition will allow us, as editors, to focus more time and energy on the integrity of the creative work we publish. 

We’d love your help in spreading the word about Poems2go, whether through post-sharing, retweets, or simply sharing a p2g poem with a friend. At heart, that’s what this project is about: reaching poetry’s arm around the world, finding new homes for poems that expand our human empathy, creativity, and knowledge. We’re excited about this transition, and we hope you will join us in celebrating two years of Poems2go!

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