Thawing out, and talking soul in sunny Scottsdale

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My last blog spoke of the metaphor of poetry icicles. Living in a northeastern state, we get plenty of icicles, and finding an association of them to poetry helped me tolerate the frigid temperatures we were having.

These last few days I’ve been lucky (and warm) in Tempe, AZ, having accompanied my husband on a conference he’s attending. Even luckier, I get to hang out with his cousin Sarah, a kindred spirit, who lives in nearby Scottsdale.

Yesterday, after climbing the double diamond  Echo Trail on Camelback Mountain, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to her favorite coffee house, Sip Coffee and Beer House. There I met the barista, Kelsey, who also writes poetry. She was super enthusiastic upon hearing of poems2go, and more than willing to host our humble bin of poems.

A friend of Sarah’s, Jennifer Kahtz, joined us, and we talked of poetry and soul. Jen established a marketing company, Emotive Pull Communications, that places emphasis on the soul of a product. She passionately believes that if you find the emotional connection between the product and the consumer, there will be an attraction that will ultimately lead to a successful business. Jen likened her philosophy to poetry, essentially saying that poetry has a soul, and people desire more of this.

I share this with you because it’s another example of why poets and poetry are essential, and that we need to keep producing. We may not make money on our product of poetry (though Jen says we can and should) but we can at least feel good about contributing to the world in meaningful ways, and that is, as they say, priceless.

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