In case you missed it…P2g interview with Lucy Griffith

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Because September has me reorganizing and revisiting I realize I missed posting about our wonderful interview with one of our contributors, Lucy Griffith. Her book, We Make a Tiny Herd (Main Street Rag, 2019) explores the life of Judy Magers, aka La Reina or the Burro Lady. During her travels in West Texas she would see La Reina and wonder about her long after passing her on the side of the road. She began to inquire. What she found was a community, protective and loving of this woman who chose to live outdoors with her burro. Life is about choices. She recalls: I was struck by how the far-flung community of West Texas not only respected La Reina’s right to be different, to be private, but celebrated her differences. 

We Make a Tiny Herd is a wonderfully simple story in verse about home, about self, about choice, and about respecting our differences. It’s a story that will travel with you.

Thank you Lucy, for sharing your thoughts and inspirations.



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