“Poetry is a conversation with the world.” ~Naomi Shihab Nye

Poems2go (P2G) extends poetry’s public arm, reaching people in everyday spaces, attracting them with highly crafted, digestible poems that are easy to tuck in a pocket or share. P2G resides at 38 venues in 12 states, including cafés, bookstores, and libraries. It is a free, quarterly publication comprised of poems printed on loose leaf 4” x 6” paper. Nearly 8,000 poems are consumed quarterly. P2G has been found on subway seats and pinned to trees. Poems, interviews, and articles are also shared on P2G’s website, Twitter, and Facebook. Christine Jones (Founder) and Sarah Lain (Managing Editor) are responsible for its publication, management, development, and distribution; volunteers also support individual venue distributions. P2G is fiscally sponsored by Lesley University. The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry, Billerica Arts Council and The Massachusetts Cultural Council have all generously sponsored P2G with grants.

Ten poets are featured every three months and multiple copies of their poems are printed on 4″x 6″ loose-leafed paper and distributed to selected cafes and/or bookstores (see Where to Find p2g) available for patrons to peruse and take 2 go. Poems2go hopes to provide poetry that is a reflection of a poet’s deep listening of the world around him/her, that broadens our perspective as readers to gain a greater understanding  of interconnectedness, and a sense of our place in the collective whole.



Christine Jones (Founder and Editor-in-Chief) is a graduate of Lesley University’s MFA program in Creative Writing. She is also assistant editor for Lily Poetry Review. Poetry is part of her trinity, along with salt water, and love. She collaborates with her husband, Michael, a fine arts painter, and they have exhibited in several local and regional museums. They love to swim and surf near their home in Cape Cod. Christine’s most recent poetry can be found in Sugar House Review, Ruminate32 poemsSalamander, Passager Books, Blue Mountain Review, Cimarron Review, WCAI Poetry Sunday, Lily Poetry Review, Mom Egg Review, Crab Creek Review, and Literary Mama. Her debut book, Girl Without a Shirt, is forthcoming with Finishing Line Press.


image001Sarah Kirstine Lain is the Managing Editor of Poems2go, and her work has appeared in B O D Y, Rivista LetterariaSalt Creek Journal, and Lily Poetry Review. She is the Assistant Director of Research Innovation for the University of Chicago’s Office of Research and National Labs and has an MFA in poetry from Lesley University. Lain has worked in defense simulation training development, taught writing courses for the Art Institute of Tampa, and has hosted a number of arts collaborations for human rights. Her interests include STEM interconnects with poetry in the context of emotionally-restricted cultures.


Contact us at info.poems2go@gmail.com



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    […] poems2go is the poetry project of Christine Jones and Sarah Lain, where five poets are featured on a monthly basis both on website and in print. Print-outs of the featured poems are distributed in select bookstores, cafes, and other locations in multiple states; at the time of this writing, the distribution states are Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Colorado. The distributed poems are printed in a small format so people can carry the poems in their wallet. […]

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