Alexis Ivy

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My Las Vegas by Alexis Ivy

Didn’t make it to the Mob Museum
You get your picture taken
in a lineup and it’s true no one
looks good in that light.

Made a point to stay
at the Golden Nugget so I could
see the golden nugget, they say,
ever found. Nobody’s ever tried

to rob this treasure, not as hard as a bank
vault if you get all the way to the bank
vault. The rock, the size of a washboard,
sat in a glass case surrounded

by mirrors and velvet in a place people
walk by to get to the next slot machine.
I did go to the Neon Museum,
a boneyard where lights go to die.

A gallery of the town: saved
the things that made Vegas Vegas.
at night they light the place up.
Make the stars disappear.

First published in Sugar House Review (Vol. 11, 2019). Reprinted with permission by the author.

Alexis Ivy is a 2018 recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Poetry. Her first poetry collection, Romance with Small-Time Crooks, was published in 2013 by BlazeVox[book]. Her second collection, Taking the Homeless Census, won the 2018 Editor’s Prize at Saturnalia Books and is forthcoming in 2020. She is a street outreach advocate working with the homeless and living in her hometown, Boston.