Belle Greenshields

I Love You More by Belle Greenshields

With all the holes I dig I remember digging yours
I remember keeping my face straight
And when you dropped in that hole I dug for you
The one thing I forgot was you
I remember being mad at you for leaving
But never remember what filled my heart

I hope that one day I won’t have to dig a hole
And that I will be lowered next to you
I hope I can remember what about you made me

But I will not be lowered next to you
He will be there
He was yours and you were his

But I should be next to you
I knew you better
You may not know it but I was there for you
I gave you the notes
Not him

You didn’t know me
But I knew you

I love you more.

Students at Maine’s Berwick Academy are no strangers to poetry.  With an annual poet-in-residence program Berwick affords students the rich opportunity to steep in poetry every April for a full week, in addition to poetry encounters within their English classes throughout the year. Some students take especially to the craft in deeply moving, often profound, beautiful, and sometimes surprising ways.  Four such poets are featured here:

Bella Gorman (entering grade 9), Belle Greenshields (entering grade 8), Noah Rich (entering grade 8), and Cole Roenick (entering Grade 8).

These students learned from this year’s poet-in-residence, Marjorie Thomsen, and created something truly valuable and fresh, inspired by poets they read, such as Carl Sandburg.  They graciously agreed to share their poems in our middle school poetry collection, and two of the poets also read their poems aloud in our evening community poetry event.  These poets are brave, inspired, and inspiring.