Brad Rose

Blue Period

At the end of the saddest sentence,
you avert your face,
and stare out the hospital window
into the broken-hearted distance,
as if searching
for perfect


Brad Rose was born and raised in Los Angeles, and lives in Boston. He is the author of Pink X-Ray, Big Table Publishing, 2015. (Available at:,, and  Twice nominated for a Pushcart prize,Brad’s poetry and fiction have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, decomP, The Baltimore Review,  San Pedro River Review, Off the Coast, Heavy Feather Review, Posit, Third Wednesday, Boston Literary Magazine, The Midwest Quarterly,  Right Hand Pointing, The Potomac, Santa Fe Literary Review, The CommonLine Journal, The Molotov Cocktail, Sleetmagazine, Monkeybicycle, Camroc Press Review, MadHat Lit, and other publications.  His chapbook of poetry,  Democracy of Secrets, from Right Hand Pointing, is available here:!brad-rose-democracy-of-secrets/c1ec2    His chapbook of micro fiction, Coyotes Circle the Party Store, can be read at: His forthcoming chapbook of poems, Blood Orange Lemonade, will be released by Right Hand Pointing, in early 2016.  Links to Brad’s published poetry and fiction can be found at: 

On why poetry matters, and why he writes, Brad Rose says, “The reason I write is beautifully summarized by  Galway Kinnell, when he said, “To me, poetry is somebody standing up, so to speak, and saying, with as little concealment as possible, what it is for him or her to be on earth at this moment” –Galway Kinnell .”