Christine Jones

Plea to an Oyster


Corporeal creature, briny
and raw, tell me:

He loves me. I’m beautiful. He wants me
for his wife. Pears fill our trees,
and white moths alight

our lavender tassels.
Say the glaciers in Greenland
are frozen,

no more guns, no wars,
the bad guys are dead. It’s free tuition,
and the Sudanese children are fed.

Tell me Santa’s eating the cookies. I must know
my son’s home safe in bed;

the smile he wears isn’t only for show.


Christine Jones is founder and chief editor for poems2go, also co-founder of the Charles River Roundtable Poetry Group (aka the Lily Poets,) and is part of the Lesley University MFA poetry posse. She is currently working on her first book collection. Some of her more recent poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Indolent Books Press, Timberline Review, and Salamander.

“Poetry matters because it provides a voice for what is unspeakable. It is feeling, overheard, expressed though the art of words, arranged often like a puzzle, which is telling, in that we know life, the world, ourselves, are complex.”