heather hughes

Lunar Real Estate

No zip codes, no housing boom—
cosmic quarry, tantalum
for the taking. A loophole.
Who’ll control the unlawed moon,

the fat, resourceful moon, bright
power supply satellite?
Our Outer Space Treaty breaks
on Peaks of Eternal Light.


First appeared in Forklift, Ohio Issue 34.


heather hughes hangs her heart in her current town of Somerville and her native Miami. Her poems have recently appeared in The Adroit Journal, Forklift Ohio, Gulf Coast, Denver Quarterly, Prelude, and Whiskey Island. Her chapbook was a 2016 finalist for The Atlas Review Chapbook Series, and she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is an Editorial Associate for Scoundrel Time, and a Writer for Mass Poetry as well as a workshop teacher for their Student Day of Poetry events. heather MLA-ed at Harvard University Extension School, concentrating in foreign language, literature, and culture, and MFA-ed at Lesley University, concentrating in poetry.