Jehn Johnson

After the Transplant

 it’s that never knowing—
living under the weight
of the body’s secrets

it’s the breadth of possibilities
betrayed by expressionless faces
of the professionally detached
and the way my throat truncates my inhale
while I dissect every nuance
searching for a clue

it’s discovering close call feels like
clenched jaw and knotted stomach
as I lie awake wondering
what else inside you
is plotting to inflame

it’s post- MRI dodged bullets
and a sense of
just a few more moments bought

Jehn Johnson lives in the desert in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Her poetry and essays have appeared inSilver Apples Magazine, The Tincture Journal, The Fractured Nuance and others. Her ever-expanding website is

Jehn believes poetry is important because she has never found a better way to express herself and communicate the non-stop inner dialogue she lives with. And she can’t be the only one.