Joan K. Harmon

dawn desert dry dune
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On My 75th Birthday by Joan K. Harmon

Is our life “The Hubble” that meditates
In ever-widening worlds?
Is it surveyor’s scope that validates
A landscape view of earth?
Is it a table lens that speculates
On inward parts and thoughts?
Does heavy, wasteful ore accumulate
Instead of shedding useless ways?
Or does the diamond tongue regenerate
The dunes that other words have spoiled?

Joan K. Harmon is a recent resident of Texas, moving there to live out her life with a daughter and her husband. She, herself, has been a daughter, wife, teacher, mother, and grandmother in consecutive order. Reading and writing have been important in her life at every stage and venue.

On why poetry is important, she states, “Writing poetry gives a chance to make word pictures in an inferential way that prose cannot.”