Kim Shuck

Creation Fragment

Because mosquitoes are part of a big
Spiders will trap them the
Wolf spider on my windowsill runs the walls she
Runs the walls for the sake of story the
Hummingbird makes her nest a
Nest for two eggs from
Spider silk and
Lichen she makes it in the
Bay tree this was a place of
Orchards and a creek ran there
Just there the plum tree is
Growing lichen growing


Kim Shuck is a long chain protein. She has authored four solo books of poems and prose. Shuck is also a visual artist, her beaded regalia is danced from Pimlico Sound to Mount Shasta during pow wow season. Her first book of poems Smuggling Cherokee won the Diane Decorah first book award in 2005. Her latest book is Clouds Running In from Taurean Horn Press.

Poems are ceremonies, incantations. They are a mouthful of idea, a palmful of observation or recognition or hope.