Kimberly Simms

Film Director

Are these green grapes with seeds?
How can I discuss the social implications
of my latest flic with all that acid
churning? I need the perfect hydration

fructose combo of Turkish plums.
This ice is crushed, it melts too fast
and is not cold. My hair should be more
funky at the back. No! Not retro!

Red socks — I need them for my breathing
the color, grounding — you know chakra center
in my feet. Are you all idiots? Where’s Lydia?
She knows the immaculate disheveled look.

There are three hundred people out there
who are already forgetting they love me.


Kimberly Simms is a teaching artist, mother, poet, and young adult author. She is a first generation American with a Masters in English from Clemson University. She was recently chosen as the 2016 Carl Sandburg Writer-In-Resident.