Lexy Roberts

Two Poems by Lexy Roberts


A poem about that one time I held a yoga ball above my head thinking of a god tasked with holding the earth 


My arms tingle and
I thought:
WOW that must suck for him.

It’s uncomfortable.


Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a shark from 1935 puking up a human arm

I most often do so in the shower
Ya know ‘cus water
Once I considered pouring salt on myself
to complete my sharkly
Experience  I already have salt in spades though
I like to do this act— to help face and
Prepare for the real act
The body
My body
Rejecting its self
Like that shark and that human arm
Close your eyes
Clutch flowers strung around your neck
Almond and lemon blossoms
And springs of witch hazel and invasive mint
My inner shark is a trouble -maker
At the first sign of blood she devours and
I end up practicing and pretending again


Lexy Roberts is a current undergrad at Utah State University. Where she studies Tech Writing and Creative Writing and works as a poetry editor for Sink Hollow.

On why poetry matters: To me, poetry is a way to express the noise in my brain and a way that we reach out to each other.