Mostly thick ticker tape and paper,
but it is relentless, and they ever more

aggressive as they start
to spot its treasured innards.

I just need the kids to be safe,
but beyond their blindfolded bat swinging

into a future where all is sweet and bright,
or one where all is rent

to bits – either demands the disintegration
of a small, soft body to get inside.

I am minding my own body, eyes widening
at the swings of years; still I don’t know how to be

known, be opened. I do not want my gifts
beaten out of me.


In addition to blogging at http://mnicolerwildhood.com, m.nicole.r.wildhood’s work appeared in The Atlantic, xoJane, The Atticus Review, Five and elsewhere. Her work is forthcoming in the Foley Poetry Contest anthology and great weather for MEDIA. She writes for Seattle’s street newspaper Real Change and is at work on a novel and two volumes of poetry.

Poetry matters because “with so much violence, apathy and disconnection the world over, she takes hope from seeing others able to find things to affirm in our world; poetry is one strong way to tell the truth, say yes to beauty and call out what is not yet.”