Mollie Chandler


The strange process of self-making
marks the floor.
She’s letting him cut her hair.

She’s playing at what she looks like.
He’s not.
He’s timidly trimming the ends.

She had washed it for him beforehand
while he watched.
Now’s she talking to his nervous fingers.

By her jawline he holds them, wondering
how, in midair,
now, and there, her hair on the floor.


Mollie Chandler, an MFA student in poetry at Lesley University, is currently working in the corporate world of downtown Boston, but I hope to go on to become a teacher and workshop instructor.

Mollie says “poetry matters because it is the conscious creation of meaning, a way of moving through the world– with attention and feeling. That’s why integrating poetry into the daily experience is important, and all I can hope for is that someone wants to put one of my poems in their pocket.”