Nnaka Okonkwo


I pledged for time
To garnish life’s expectancy
To unravel the uncertainties
Of what is and would be
I solemnly swear to hold you
Not minding wagging tongues
And lying lips
And devouring thoughts
And slothful beings
And unwanted imaginations
Of gloom and unheralded signs
I seek for an answer
To a plaguing question
And of death and birth
And of decay of human thoughts
And of victories of deceit
And of the eternal realm
And the mortality of man’s forays.

Nnaka Okonkwo  is a writer that discovered himself late and has done some notable works. He is a graduate of Sociology and Anthropology and presently works in an educational facility in the border town of Seme in the Badagry area of Lagos state of Nigeria.

He writes, “Poetry makes a lot of sense to me because it is the only factor of sanity. It brings back reality to many who knows its true value.”