Panika M.C. Dillon

beware the feather boas

my hair is a cloak               room, come hide with me.

let’s put on other               people’s sleeves. let’s leave

our fingerprints on               their sables & tweeds.

we’ll turn out all of               the pockets & steal

their change. ready for               the gum-ball machine.

I’ll keep the silvers       here, behind my ear.

I’ll drop in a dime     & pull out your tongue.


Born in Fairbanks, AK and reared in Austin, TX, Panika M. C. Dillon received her MFA in creative-writing poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has appeared in Oranges&SardinesCopper NickelBorderlandsthe Diagram and others. She toils as a political organizer in Central Texas and legislative reporter in the Pink Dome.

On why poetry matters:
not everyone can play the piano. it was either this or a fumble in the alley. the world is out of driveway kisses and this statement is NOT microwave safe.