Rebecca Connors’ “Definition of Future”

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Definition of Future by Rebecca Connors


1 a :  time that is to come. Grimacing hips. Graying.
Bone dwindling to sticks. My weaknesses dawning
on my daughter. Tomorrow, like today, until it’s gone.
The ground knows it will hold me. Hold those I love.
b :  what is going to happen. Every cold-gripped fear
in my head. Fate. A country
of dying water, sickness in the sky.
All the ways our world will spiral. Behind the backs
of bad men, I tell my daughter: blossoms,
births, seasons. See also: Hope.
2 :  an expectation of advancement or
progressive development. Light at the end,
a new sense of self. Sometimes you get a win.
3 a :  the future tense of a language. I will
always be your star even after the sun explodes.
I will always be your star. I will always be.

Rebecca Connors’ poems can be found in DIALOGIST, Menacing Hedge, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal, among others. Currently an MFA candidate at the Solstice MFA Program, she lives with her family in Boston. Her first chapbook will be published Fall 2018. Follow her on Twitter @aprilist or visit her site at

On why poetry matters: “Poetry allows me to process, reclaim, shout, mourn, recover. It is how I connect with the world.”