Robert Okaji


It might deceive.
Or like a cruel

window, live its life

offering a view
yet reserving the taste

for another’s
tongue, ignoring

even the wind.
The roots, as always, look down.

Robert Okaji lives in Texas with his wife and two dogs. His work has appeared in Mockingheart Review,Hermeneutic Chaos,Eclectica and elsewhere, and his chapbook If Your Matter Could Reform was Dink Press’s first publication in its National Poetry Month series. More of his poetry can be found at his blog,

Why poetry matters: “Poets attempt to give voice to the unsayable, to interpret and find meaning in not only our respective lives, but also the world around us. Through language we can shape perspectives, insinuate, instigate, inform, engage, demand and provoke. Through imagination and craft, we can create beauty from thin air.”