Sonam Tsering


Home by Sonam Tsering

Ask me not
It hurts me often
It’s neither a place nor space
Where I sleep
Not at all a street or school
Where I walk
It’s there
Where my heart hovers
Until it’s hurt
It’s there
Where I walk and talk
As if I own every piece of land
It’s there
Only in my dream
And I dream often

Sonam Tsering was born in Tibet and brought up in India where he studied under His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. When he left Tibet, he was too small to know that it meant he would not see his parents again for many years. He recently completed his MA in Public Policy from O.P. Jindal Global University and now serves as the General Secretary of the Tibetan Youth Congress. He lives with his motto: “I have enough time to rest, but I don’t have a minute to waste.” He often dreams, dreams of going back to his home in Tibet.